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"Reproducing experience is a very tricky business requiring both artfulness and practice... If you're honestly trying to tell what happened, you find facts are very obstinate things to deal with. But if you begin to fake them, to pretend things happened in a way that makes for a nice neat story, you're misusing imagination. You're passing fiction off as fact: which is, among children at least, called lying." - Ursula Le Guin, from "Words are my matter"

if i were to make a box to do on, how would i go about it? with some Mac and Win OS software but also mostly Clip Paint Studio. any resources published?

need to get ready for the day !!!! feeding myself, clothing myself, stretching to reduce stress, and preparing for rejection! my plan: head to the gym to tire myself out.

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doctor day doctor say: iron needed hip hooray!

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uuuuggggh vacuum broke and i'm clothes lined by a Bad Mood .... 😡

@arcanum if you thought you don't like fall because of wet and rain: i suggest some wool socks! didn't feel this and didn't care~ warm all the way walking!

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walkies!!! to the bank for laundry quarters!

ok 2 hungry 2 stay in bed time to feed this beast

bibibibibi i posted my wicked dream in a tweet chain bcu it ends up more compact. but maybe i'll repost here because it was wild !

alright: not sure if i want multiple accounts or instances for different stuff. having a separate art, social, and subculture account for EVERY ONE OF ME SUBCULTURES might get overwhelming. but i love how you can log into many instances at once!

partner is fixing my sub-par wood arrangement job in my . thank goodness for someone with experience! my plecco now has a hide!

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finally updated me bio!!! now you know who i am!

get fresh get get down with feeling empty. then fill that cavity with curiosity and wonder! investigate! go beyond old habits!

heck! remember when you were EXPLORING what it means to connect socially over the internet? how there were no expectations except something new and new people?

hold on to that feeling. don't get upset when one thing doesn't bring you what another has. the whole point isn't to find something "as satisfying" or "better. those still imply goals. based off past measurements.

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