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I know it's tempting to set up your castle here and claim there's no value in Birbsite, but let's face it, that's not true. There's still stuff there you can't find anywhere else, and recognizing that doesn't diminish the cool and valuable stuff that's here, and that's still developing on Mastodon.

I'm in both places and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, and that's fine.

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@Gargron Is there a list of Mastodon instances somewhere?

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@archwisp yeah well, what better time to discuss these things than when we're just experiencing the differences between two mediums? Helps us be mindful of what can be different, lets us consider what should, and what shouldn't be different. Right?

Also: if we get enough of that high quality naval lint i'm sure we can make a nice sweater out of it

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@PrincessOfCats that was one of it the problems with trying to build a "model" of a hacker, because basically they're more pit bull anything else. Refuse to surrender just because of something silly like failure.

Transitioning from a tech doer to a leader is tough change. It takes a lot of planning and discipline. I'm exhausted.

Mastodon: Where infosec people went to talk existentially about social media platforms rather than, you know, be social.

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@0xdeadbabe yeah, it has potential but we're still camping in the back yard waiting for construction to be finished, in a sense

The fact that posts take minutes to propagate just proves that this platform will be successful after the apocalypse and we're all transmitting our toots over shortwave.

Our rallying point for finding peeps seems to be @thegrugq's followers list. Does it include remote followers?

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The best thing about this place is they brought back the star.


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