Long Post Concerning Regulations and the most horrifying story I've read --- FUCK ALL LIBERTARIANS GREAT AND SMALL 

@PaladinQuinn an interesting thing happened when I got old enough for this to be true: I, elementary school dropout, am dating a professor of political science

so not only do I get to hear reports of how all the kids keep dunking on the one increasingly-defeated alt-righty debatey guy, I get to actually be the secret leftist conspiracy that's sneaking my tolerance propaganda into the lesson plan of the liberal professors (or, one of them, anyway)

she also teaches a gender class so, devil emoji

Meme Tackling Transphobia and other Prejudices. 

Cis-Males just don't get it, Dating, Toxic Masculinity 

For fuck's sake, straight people. Call out homophobia. Every time. *especially* when it's in private. Especially around only other straight people.

No, I mean it, *every time.* It's gotta be you who does it, and you *cannot* let it slip past you. Not once. Not to be polite. Not because it's not your business. Not because no one's getting hurt. We're fucking getting hurt because we know you don't care.

(and if you are already defending, here, I made this for you and I love you! :flan_nom:)

Riker: Skinner, his kitchen in flames
Riker: Martin, his geode unacknowledged!
Picard: (dismissive wave) David, after dentist.
Riker: Chipmunk, it's expression dramatic!
Picard: Christian Bale, his voice raised!
Riker: Fry, his eyes narrowed.
Picard: Shaka, when the walls fell.

Happy Thursday! The end of the week is in sight. If things are hard for you this morning, I hope they get easier. If things are good for you this morning, that's great! I hope they stay that way.


Eden is a lie we were told when we were old enough to reach for things
they did not want to give us.
Eden is a place we have
all walked from,
and gotten punished for it.
Eden was not a gift, again and again,
we befriended the snake
and they
warned us kindly. Again-
and again we put the apple in our mouths
because we know
whatever happens,
we can’t stay here, even
if we choke on the outcome.

#poetry #corvusrobotica

LCD name-plate size badge that crypto signs a hash of the audio it hears and the current onboard time, displays the signed statement live so the wearer can guard against people editing the resulting video to make them say something they didn't say or use morph cuts or other bullshit against them

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare. ~ Audre Lorde

Was signing a birthday card while an engineer nearby was talking about data, and I accidentally wrote "Happy birthday! HOPE YOUR DATA IS WONDERFUL"

Looking back on this day, I can say that I was frighteningly bisexual.

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