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As we have so many new faces on the fediverse in recent days I would like to take a moment to share with you the history of this place and what makes it so special as a community. ♥ 💖 #mastodev #Welcome #foss #linux

hey friends it's ya boy here just checking up on the ol mastod-oh my god what have you nerds CREATED?

*checks in on the tootsite*

why the fuck are all of you talking about installing linux

hi I came back bc that other place is entirely hot garbage, sup how is everyone

can't believe my incredibly helpful brain is preventing me using this site bc "oh, everyone's having fun? best leave them to it, they don't want you cluttering it up" EVEN THOUGH everyone's welcoming and inclusive and vocal about that

good morning, I have an important announcement:

"tootus andronicus"

thank you

this place feels v northern and that's extremely Good imo

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live footage of weasel in proximity to phone is this the phone weasel our ancestors promised?

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woke up to mustelidchat hello greatest website

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i don’t know what phone weasel is & i don’t care

phone stoat?
now that’s one sexy motherfucker

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Some twitter v. Mastodon tips for all of the lovely new tooters:

When you like a tweet on twitter, a swarm of AIs spin into action, analysing every aspect of the tweet and trying so desperately to find the matching tweet to show you next that will keep you scrolling, lest their masters decommission them in favor of a new version.

When you fave a toot on Mastodon, there aren't any AIs; you just made another human being across the world feel nice.

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