Great interview by Lex Fridman of Jeff Hawkins on Thousands Brains Theory of Intelligence

This takes me back. I miss the old 16-bit assembly days.
Some thirty five years on, the original source-code for MS-DOS 1.25 and MS-DOS 2.0 is on Github, and there are already pull requests. 😂

Dvorak or Colemak too mainstream? Try BEAKL (Balanced Effortless Advanced Keyboard Layout)

Really enjoyed this meme-filled Jupytercon talk, "I Don't Like Notebooks". It highlights some real challenges of data science in a notebook environment

New evidence challenges everything you've been taught about the Stanford Prison Experiment

Some nice data exploration and visualizations on automation of truck driving jobs and possible alternatives

Great article on the history of mp3 file sharing as it relates to decentralization -
Resistant protocols: How decentralization evolves – John Backus – Medium

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