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I'd been wanting to turn some of my conversations with @chris_martin into blog posts, because over the course of conversation we've covered some topics pretty thoroughly, this is how we're writing The Joy of Haskell, and also it allows for presentation of two perspectives on a subject naturally. First one is about do-notation:

sexual violence, injustice 

Sometimes people ask me how I could have blamed myself and not pressed charges when I was raped. The answer, ultimately, is complicated and involves what I know or believe about the criminal justice system and how it prosecutes rape.

But, like, if you've ever heard someone make comments about a guy being so good looking he'd never *have to* rape someone -- or she's so unattractive she should just be grateful a man ever wanted her anyway -- then you already know why.

So, I was getting this error when I try to push to to a repo on GitLab:
! [remote rejected] master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)

So I went to GitLab to try to figure out wtf is going on and *none* of my private repos are listed on my profile or activity pages, yea even when I go to Personal Projects, and *yes* I'm logged in. I finally find that they still exist only by going to Settings -> Notifications, and there all my projects are listed.


“In order to give the border sharp edges in some areas and soft edges in others, we can assign different levels of “variance” to each line segment. Segments with high variance will undergo large changes in each mutation round, and segments with low variance will undergo small changes.” (via Algorithmic Art - Tyler Hobbs - A Generative Approach to Simulating Watercolor Paints )


@hisham_hm i don't know why i didn't notice before that you are the person who made htop, and when i just now made the connection, i squeed pretty hard. htop is so great, thank you!

Finally starting to notice this striking inverse correlation between
- whether something is confusing
- whether you've read a book about it

This "google things as you need them" habit, I think, It's actually pretty bad

Somehow I taught myself this helplessness. Struggle over years. Feel like I'll never get it.

Have you read a book about it?

Well, no

Why are haskellers so obsessed with the bottom anyway

We all have one

Nobody else talks about it so much

So anyway, I wrote a blog post about bottom chris-martin.org/2017/null-as-

If you can watch the Juicero and Fyre Festival news cycles go down in one week and still think that wealth corresponds with merit or intelligence, then I've got a presidency to sell you


The short options (e.g. "-T") are shortcuts you memorize for things that you personally type often into an interactive shell.

The long options (e.g. "--no-target-directory") go in shell scripts. They are more intelligible to readers who haven't memorized everything.

@argumatronic here's a freebie: 26 is the only integer (other than 0) that sits directly between a square and a cube

a java update just popped up in the middle of my friend's projected video art piece

@argumatronic for me what made it click is when some one described it as "infinity is not a number" in the context of why JavaScript went with "NaN".

forgive my stupidity, but for the longest time i didn't understand this:

λ> 1 `div` 0
*** Exception: divide by zero

λ> 1/0

and listening to eugenia cheng now on a podcast (talking about her book about infinity) it begins to make sense. stitcher.com/podcast/iwantherj

> There is another possible problem that had not even occurred to me. The candidate failed the trivial question because they tried to write the answer in Java.


If you have some time and want something to read, Barrett Brown's pieces written while imprisoned for charges related to hacking are genuinely hilarious and desperately frustrating

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