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(Both "I" would need to be squished in with the previous letter to fit)

let's learn some japanese phrases!

Mastodon-e youkoso!
Welcome to Mastodon!

Nice to meet you! [for the first time]

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
Nice to meet you! [Please treat me well!]

Issho ni paorimashou!
Let's toot together!

rant español 

i hide my solid nipples as i place a "this machine kills fascists" sticker on the pepsi vending machine

Hey there English-speaking Mastodon users, do you want to learn French?
Let’s start with the basics.
Repeat after me:
“La propriété c’est le vol”
“Tout le monde déteste la police”

In 1937 Count Basie and Billie Holiday played some songs at a club in Harlem.

This was broadcast on the radio, and someone recorded it.

Amazingly, those recordings have been released, and they are genuinely great.


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