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I don't like humans but I find them interesting.

It's going awesome. I'm really enjoying these days.

I mean not in the road, in the destination.

I'm also scared. I can't stop thinking of probable bad things happening.

I'm gonna start hitchhiking again tomorrow. I really feel excited.

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I don't know but it seems things are getting better in my life.

I remember this dude was talking nonsense about how good he is and blah blah blah. I ran Tails on his computer to check my emails and he lost his mind. He thought I'm a hacker from NSA or something :))))).

I really like these little bastards who pretend to be the bad guy and deep down they're just stupid shits. I really like that.

This damn headache is killing me and nothing helps more than a damn sleep.

My mom is listening to "Lose Yourself" by Eminem. I'm afraid :))))).

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I still can't believe it. What they were thinking? I mean they can gain some followers but at the cost of embarrassing the club? Really?

I don't know why but pie makes me sentimental.

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از حساب :twitter: یکی از همکلاسی‌های خوب قدیمی. واقعاً کیف می‌کنم وقتی چنین روحیه و انگیزه و پشتکاری رو می‌بینم :flow: :
طرح جلد کتابمان هم بالاخره تاييد شد و کار را فرستادند چاپخانه. شمار ساعتهايی که برای اين کتاب گذاشته‌ايم واقعا از دستم خارج شده. نزديک دو سال است که با يک تيم هفت نفره روی اين متن‌ها کار می‌کنيم، حالا سوای چهل تصويرساز و ويراستار و مدير هنری و ...
بعد از تعطيلات توزيع می‌شود.
#زنان_پیشرو #کتاب

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