Cloud-based means lack of security. Even if it's encrypted, someone has the password and has access to your information. There's no good when it comes to keeping files in cloud. That's why experts always tell you to download your email and remove it from online server.

If you can access something online, others can too. There's no such thing as complete online. Accessing may be hard for others but it's not impossible. Keep your important files in safe encrypted hard drives.

Hosting your own email is different with having an email with your own domain. Please use a secure server.

+ What's your password?
- Fuck you.
[Goes to recovery security questions]
+ Fine, what's your favorite singer?
- "Weird Al" Yankovic
+ Thanks.
-fucked-up people.

And keep in mind that and private messaging is not a one-way road. Your contact should be as safe as you.

Using Gmail with Thunderbird or Claws Mail is nothing worse than using a -focused email with Gmail or Outlook apps. There's always risk.

Always download your emails folks. Even with all practices your email is not completely a safe place. Give least information possible, put less information in danger.
Needless to say that you won't have any privacy with services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

I also happened to be so paranoid that once I freaked out that I entered my own website without a fake IP. matters guys.

Just like that one friend I had who wanted to help me with installing Google fucking trackers so I can have analytics data and he claimed to be a expert. Yeah. Right.

Funny that I've surfed a lot of websites about recently and even they didn't respect it. Trackers? Really? And you expect us to believe you care?

2 years ago I was talking about to someone and she said she has nothing to hide so it's not necessary to do the steps. Hacked into her phone and turned out she had a lot of things to hide.
Yesterday I saw her advising someone about privacy.


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