Watching movies, hanging out with friends, drinking, and watching the sunset at the beach. Nothing can be better now.

It's going awesome. I'm really enjoying these days.

I mean not in the road, in the destination.

I'm also scared. I can't stop thinking of probable bad things happening.

I'm gonna start hitchhiking again tomorrow. I really feel excited.

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I don't know but it seems things are getting better in my life.

I remember this dude was talking nonsense about how good he is and blah blah blah. I ran Tails on his computer to check my emails and he lost his mind. He thought I'm a hacker from NSA or something :))))).

I really like these little bastards who pretend to be the bad guy and deep down they're just stupid shits. I really like that.

@Ehsan63 And I don't know if there's Iranian schools in Germany or not but there are always books to read.

@Ehsan63 another thing is there's a lot of books about Iran and the real situations. Books can help kids decide how attached they want to be to their ethnics. Not being attached to a specific land (country, territory) is not always a bad thing. Being a world citizen is much better in my opinion.

@Ehsan63 One way is Iranian schools. One of the reasons I know how to read and speak Persian is my parents sent me to Iranian schools. They teach history of Iran, Persian language, cultural stuff, etc. along with usual studies and courses.

This damn headache is killing me and nothing helps more than a damn sleep.

My mom is listening to "Lose Yourself" by Eminem. I'm afraid :))))).

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