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One goat with sharp hooves and patchy ears hollers at passing cars

So now my Ho days are coming to an end, and I'm horny for my one true love. Somebody give me unconditional affection Right Now

Since I last logged on I broke up with my boyfriend of 10 years so that's been fun

I can't even type this with a straight face, pretending I carefully considered whether I should make myself available to this stranger. 48 hours after we met we were making the beast with two backs and oh heavens was it unbelievably amazing. So it's been 12 hours and I'm picking out our children's names

I had to get his number. I couldn't let him disappear just like that; I wanted to leave the door open. So I spent a long, long time contemplating whether I should pursue him. I didn't text him for 4 whole hours.

I swore that I wouldn't date another man for the foreseeable future. Let alone a WHITE man. But? He smiled at me? Made me laugh? It was over before it began.

I joke - I would never do that to a person - but he sure was talented in making my panties drop by just looking at me

Met a man last night that blew my mind with his words and his tongue

Looks like I gotta get rid of this IUD and have his baby asap 🔗🔒💍

Anyway, that was a bit serious, sorry!! Back to your regular schedule of nonsense

For instance: my dad is guilty of being "anti-PC" for the most part. White, middle-class, middle-aged, str8 dude. In the last couple of decades, our society has deemed it inappropriate to publicly make derogatory comments about women. Oh no, now Dad needs to keep his shitty sexism jokes to himself! How terrible! He can't walk around and freely distribute the words 'bitch' or 'cow' or 'cunt' - his life is ruined!!!

That's honestly how I feel about most anti-PC arguments.

As far as I'm concerned, political correctness doesn't 'go too far' in most cases because it rarely affects me!! I still have freedom of speech. I don't own any television networks or film studios, so I have NO say over how they conduct themselves (except with my purchasing power). The only reason folks get mad about "PC Snowflakes" is bc they suddenly realize that they might offend someone & face real-world consequences.

Like? If you wanna listen to Baby It's Cold Outside then look it up on YouTube? Clearly a radio station thought it would behoove them to refrain from playing it, but it doesn't mean we aren't allowed to listen to it or enjoy it! Relax

My parents intentionally try to start Social Justice discourse with me by starting sentences with, "What do you think about [insert topical subject]?"

Lately my response has been, "I don't care. It doesn't affect you or me whatsoever."

It truly takes the wind out of their sails. They want me to agree that 'political correctness has gone too far' but forreal removing certain Christmas songs from radio playlists Does Not Matter To Me At All.

I don't know who the original artist is, but this makes me giggle every time I find this pic on my phone.

So I made it my new profile header.

My mom just muttered "oh, my back" to herself bc she gets back pain but I very nearly opened my mouth and shouted, "MY NECK MY BACK MY PUSSY AND MY CRACK"
Thank god I had a moment of self-restraint or I'd have some 'splainin to do!!!!!

Making a vore joke is so risky cause it either lands and you get laughs or you have to be that guy that explains vore

I haven't touched Facebook since August and... I gotta say, I don't miss it

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