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Y'all are smart but just in case:

Kiwi is a very cute birb, yes! But she is not a tamed animal! She is a wild bastard bird and she was tamed, not domesticated! big differenc!! She will chew on everything you love and she bites A LOT, even if she likes you. The bigger the birb, the more time u need to spend w/ them. Even tho Kiwi is very cute, do not get birb if ur not ready for lots of poop, biting, and screams!! ty have a nice day

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I think imma bounce from mastodon actually. sorry guys, i had fun!

"we don't want to prevent you from comfortably existing in public because you're *trans*! we just want to prevent you from comfortably existing in public because you're poor! we're very woke"

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sorry if i don't post on here very often im actually kinda bored of this site tbh?

i can crush a watermelon between my thighs
therefor you should fear me

2018: "you should move to a different mastodon instance"
2019: "you should move to a different federating software"

Men: so what if i wear the same shirt a few weeks in a row lol
Also men: ew that girl isn't completely hairless thats disgusting

remember that episode of SpongeBob where he thinks all his friends hate him


if ur gonna make fun of someone's appearence make sure u arent ugly first

im getting kinda bored of mastodon the only thing keeping me on are the lesbians that go hogwild over my selfies

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