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Y'all are smart but just in case:

Kiwi is a very cute birb, yes! But she is not a tamed animal! She is a wild bastard bird and she was tamed, not domesticated! big differenc!! She will chew on everything you love and she bites A LOT, even if she likes you. The bigger the birb, the more time u need to spend w/ them. Even tho Kiwi is very cute, do not get birb if ur not ready for lots of poop, biting, and screams!! ty have a nice day

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β€ͺim not gay, man *shoves you* i just wanna make out wtf ‬

every single day i think about "bone removal, without approval, i found your name and address on the google"

im gay and its my birthday. if you're straight you HAVE to give me a boost or eugen will kick you off the site. thank you for your cooperation

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I love how capitalists literally call people whose paid job it is to shill to and brainwash you "influencers", like they don't even care about keeping it a secret anymore.

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ok why is no one kissing me rn that’s kinda rude

*calming music plays as the camera pans over an idyllic landscape, letters fade onto the screen.*

Keep focusing on your breath, and consider how get fisted.

Follow me and I’ll whisper your name into the uncaring and unforgiving ocean

doughboy is new one but still entirely 100% accurate

jacket: too hot
no jacket: too cold
jacket: too hot
no jacket: too col

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If you start feeling weird, consider that you might've forgotten to take your meds today

Might Fuck Around And Kiss Some Girls

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