New release! All bugfixes this time. New in this version:

* Fixed a crash when updating the photo library screen, and a bug where the photo library did not correctly scroll to the end.
* Favourited toots are now correctly highlighted again.
* Fixed a weird bug that could turn your timeline upside down.
* Fixed a text that was too long on iPhone SE.
* Swiping up from the Toot button on non-iPhone X devices should work a little bit better.

Finally, a new version!

This one has lots of stuff in it. I'm not going to be adding any more features now before the 1.0 release, and just focus on bugfixing and some minor polish for a little while.

Instance advice 

Look, we can't control what anyone says. People are going to be what they are. But what we can do is set the tone for what is acceptable and what isn't.

If you let your members harass and demean people with no consequence, that's what you're going to be know for.

If you allow your members to make 'jokes' at the expense of marginalized communities, that is going to be your reputation.

We all have a say in the kind of culture we want to create.

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It looks like Eve is going to launch some items for HomeKit I will be sure to snatch up! 😍

Contemplating taking it to the local Starbucks and writing my memoirs on it for extreme hipster cred

What the toot? I have business cards now? 😱😳

Why can’t we stop tooting? 

Because the show mast od on!

@radioactive You're right. I forgot to repeat "Larry's World."

Larry's World! Larry's World! Party time, excellent!

Sorry 'bout that.

/ @larand @arjankoole

@SuperFloppies said "Oh look, the bullies won today."

"We had to destroy users on Mastodon to save Mastodon" should not be a motto anyone is comfortable with. You came here to find something better, and right now we aren't better.

If we want :mastodon: to be better, we have to act better. If you start treating people worse than you need to be treated, sooner or later someone is driven off. It happened today, and maybe it wasn't someone you cared about. Next time it could be someone important to you.

I'm now getting DMs of support because people are afraid if they agree publicly they'll be harassed next. That's not a good atmosphere folks.

One thing we privileged folks are really good at is going into hysterics when it's our bubble’s turn to pop. Get a grip on. Listen when marginalised folks point us at issues (making allowances for their history of hurt before you tone police), because, surprise surprise, those issues will come back to haunt us.

@wilw Not sure if you can still see replies here but here’s my unsolicited 5¢ worth: Leaving the fediverse is like leaving the Web; you don’t need to to play by your own rules. You just need your own site. Get Hugo (@mastohost) to set up, block who you want, and take control of your own presence on the fediverse. Unlike Twitter, each of us decides what the fediverse is. We shape it. Stay, on your own terms, & help make it better by example.

Imagine the shitstorm that would welcome Mr. Rogers on social media. Fucking toxic.

This whole Wheaton thing is the first time mastodon made me feel like I'm back on the bird site. Great job everyone, Way to be toxic.

right fediverse, time to step up to the fucking plate.

_this_ is not acceptable. Harrasement, bullying, blatent lies and defamation are not 'it is the internet bro, yolo'.

Don't agree with someone? fine. Either shut up, or debate your difference of opinions politely. We are not the cavedwelling homo erectus of millenia past, though situations like this make me doubt that.

Take a fucking bow, folks.

I’m all for speaking truth to power but I don’t understand screaming your version of someone else’s reality into their face while they categorically deny it & profess support for your cause until you break them down. What I’ve seen here is nothing short of bullying. And no, it doesn’t make it right because he was on a TV show once.

Don’t @ me. Or do; I know where the block button is & mine’s wired to mew like a kitten… it’s just the cutest 🐈

Reminder : When the alt-right targets someone, especially celebrities, one of their most common harassment techniques is to spread lies that their target is anti-lgbtq.

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