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Rock goddess from Oz, Courtney Barnett, live in Utrecht. Great gig!!!

The songs have grown a lot since I saw her last, awesome stage performance too.

🎶 Gimme all your money
And I'll make some origami
Honey 🎶

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Computer scientist 👨‍🏫 :

Information Retrieval 📄

Data Science / Big Data 💾
PhD in Multimedia Databases 🎥
(Yes that was a respectable research topic once upon a time pre-birdsite I suppose!)

is my academic home now.

Entrepreneur: co-founder of

Loves indie music: will see Mozes and the Firstborn in Merleyn this month. Le guess who is my indie music home.

In love since I met my love ♥️
Two sons, 9 and 11.

And since 2 days:
Rattenvanger van Hamelen

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Curious to see how people are going to use this!

I now put my default settings Facebook 📚 like, keeping messages rather private by default.

I see you can also use it Twitter 🐦 like. Might make a separate account for that later on!

In her paper Only You, Your Doctor, and Many Others May Know Sweeney says that her research was unwelcome. Over 20 journals turned down her paper on the Weld study, and nobody wanted to fund privacy research that might reach uncomfortable conclusions.

For those of you new to the #Fediverse and #Mastodon, I've compiled a short list of useful tools that might help you make the most of your time here. Please feel free to take a look, if you so wish.


I did have accounts on the usual suspects of social media, but always very passive. Just joined Mastodon and it feels good. Even good enough for me to start sharing my thoughts.

I spent my time making good stuff better. Especially when this involves subjects like humans, data, visuals, electronics, ethics and privacy.

You can find me hanging around in the big cities of Holland, in the forest (with or without my MTB), at festivals and driving my cabrio on Europe's scenic roads.

I started Mastodon because I believe in decentralization. The more servers there are, and the more people are spread throughout them, the stronger the network is.

I encourage people to join other servers, or start their own.

However! is the gateway for those who are undecided, or who don't yet know about decentralization. It is also my baby just like the software itself. I do not appreciate hostility towards it when promoting the benefits of other servers. Thanks

@Gargron I think is a fantastic lobby, it's where we land first, sign in. Then we all book party rooms and sleeping rooms and event rooms and join our convention; but we all wander back to the lobby because it's a quality mixing space and it's so interesting to see who passes through.

@Gargron was exactly the stepping stone I needed to get me started. It wasn’t long before I found an instance and community that was right for me.

It seems the more popular Mastodon gets the more jerks that think their opinion should be your highest priority, show up. I don’t have an answer but I hope you can continue to draw from the positive experiences and keep on rocking like you have been!

You can now give the profile directory feature a test run on! To opt-in, navigate to "edit profile" and check the box "list this account on the directory"

If you have any hashtags in your bio, your profile will be listed under those. Directory page:

Be aware it's very new and there might be bugs. Feedback welcome, hopefully this feature will be useful!

shoutout to @pinafore for adding Delete & Redraft functionality (and just generally being a pleasant front-end to use)

Proud contributor to "Being Profiled: Cogito Ergo Sum":

A book in the occasion of 10 years of ‘PROFILING THE EUROPEAN CITIZEN’, an EU funded project that covered the downsides of profiling very early on, initiated by Prof. Mireille Hildebrand and colleagues.

Want to attend the presentation of the first copy to Paul Nemitz, Principal Advisor in DG JUSTICE at the European Commission, and
a panel discussion between representatives from Microsoft, UCL and SAS?

fediverse is short for "fred ivers", who is the guy who reads everyone's posts and has to type them in to everyone else's computer. thanks , fred

@el_joa @krozruch @aral

True, and if you're on Desktop then FreeTube ( ) is another good alternative too for watching videos, it lets you subscribe without an account too!

Typing this toot from a #Huawei device suddenly makes me feel like a traitor, a foreign agent, a dangerous international criminal 🕵️

"If one product like has enough market share, then it becomes easier for web developers and businesses to decide not to worry if their services and sites work with anything other than Chromium. That’s what happened when had a monopoly on browsers in the early 2000s before was released. And it could happen again.

If you care about what’s happening with online life today, take another look at Firefox."

We still have a tech position open at the Freedom of the Press Foundation (a nonprofit): a Sr. Software Engineer position to work on SecureDrop, the open source whistleblower platform used by 65+ media organizations, originally developed by the late Aaron Swartz.

You get paid to work
✅ from anywhere in the world
✅ on a world-changing project
✅ that's open source,
✅ stewarded by a small team
✅ that's led by a woman.

Help spreading the word is much appreciated:

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