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So it is (my interpretation) looking toward either "no deal" or "no Brexit" (UK can cancel the process any moment until April 12th). I sincerely hope we get the latter, for all of us, both in Europe and UK.

Although observing the UK after a Brexit gives us concrete evidence to backup our claim that we need the EU to survive in a globalized world, I cannot wish for this sad outcome to become the reality.

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Rock goddess from Oz, Courtney Barnett, live in Utrecht. Great gig!!!

The songs have grown a lot since I saw her last, awesome stage performance too.

🎶 Gimme all your money
And I'll make some origami
Honey 🎶

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Computer scientist 👨‍🏫 :

Information Retrieval 📄

Data Science / Big Data 💾
PhD in Multimedia Databases 🎥
(Yes that was a respectable research topic once upon a time pre-birdsite I suppose!)

is my academic home now.

Entrepreneur: co-founder of

Loves indie music: will see Mozes and the Firstborn in Merleyn this month. Le guess who is my indie music home.

In love since I met my love ♥️
Two sons, 9 and 11.

And since 2 days:
Rattenvanger van Hamelen

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Announcing ActivityPub Conf 2020!

Following a successful inaugural conference in 2019, we have expanded APConf 2020 to a four day event that will occur entirely on line via Big Blue Button!

The CFP is open through July 8 at:

We invite proposals for birds of a feather topics and 30- 60 minute talks related to ActivityPub. Register online ( or feel free to email us with questions ( )

#apconf2020 #activitypubconf

If desire for your own human rights were not enough, you now have another critical reason to avoid using -- to protect the legacy of the hundreds of democracy protesters who were brutally murdered in Square, and the human rights of millions of other people who want to protect that legacy.

"Zoom shuts account of US-based rights group after Tiananmen anniversary meeting"

Please boost this instance size poll ! 😄

You are on an instance with a number of users :

The President’s inaptly named “Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship” should be seen as no more than an unconstitutional and retaliatory attack on Twitter for marking the president’s tweets for fact-checking. 1/4

And while the dominant platforms don’t adequately inform users about their standards for moderating content, and their own free speech rhetoric doesn’t match their practices—the EO misunderstand’s both the FTC’s role and the law. 4/4

Some good examples of what @adam was talking about re: linux commandline pipelines -

Ten year anniversary, wow!

Co-founder Roberto Cornacchia wrote a blogpost to reflect on how Spinque grew as a company and how Spinque Desk evolved as a product; and, how we learnt to recognize our key proposition:

“to help our customers leverage their unique expertise
to create the best search solutions for them”

Read along, with fun screenshots of product versions through time, and a photo of much younger us:

This is a tool for anonymizing photographs taken at protests.

It will remove identifying metadata (Exif data) from photographs, and also allow you to selectively blur parts of the image to cover faces and other identifiable information.

Spinque celebrates its 10 years' birthday today!

🇳🇱 🎂

A great adventure, and a lot of cool stuff ahead of us!

Bandcamp will have another waiver of commission day this Friday! Last time, "we" - the online community - purchased for $4.3 million that went direct to artists and labels, in just 24 hours.

Bandcamp writes:
"This Friday, May 1, we’re once again waiving our revenue share for all sales on Bandcamp, from midnight to midnight PDT.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in a position to spare some funds, please join us."

We recently featured two inspiring #Purism community stories on our blog and the interview in the first was conducted by community member @thibaultamartin You all are amazing 🙌 🎉 🚀

Building a #Librem5 app with #Rust and #GTK

Conversation with fphemeral:
Community Member & Librem 5 Early Adopter

#Linux #LinuxMobile #privacy

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