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So it is (my interpretation) looking toward either "no deal" or "no Brexit" (UK can cancel the process any moment until April 12th). I sincerely hope we get the latter, for all of us, both in Europe and UK.

Although observing the UK after a Brexit gives us concrete evidence to backup our claim that we need the EU to survive in a globalized world, I cannot wish for this sad outcome to become the reality.

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Rock goddess from Oz, Courtney Barnett, live in Utrecht. Great gig!!!

The songs have grown a lot since I saw her last, awesome stage performance too.

🎶 Gimme all your money
And I'll make some origami
Honey 🎶

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Computer scientist 👨‍🏫 :

Information Retrieval 📄

Data Science / Big Data 💾
PhD in Multimedia Databases 🎥
(Yes that was a respectable research topic once upon a time pre-birdsite I suppose!)

is my academic home now.

Entrepreneur: co-founder of

Loves indie music: will see Mozes and the Firstborn in Merleyn this month. Le guess who is my indie music home.

In love since I met my love ♥️
Two sons, 9 and 11.

And since 2 days:
Rattenvanger van Hamelen

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Someone created a new tool for deploying static sites to #IPFS with minimal effort, and it looks pretty great:

Exit poll #EuropeanElections the #Netherlands:

PvdA (Labour) 5 (+2)
VVD (liberals) 4 (+1)
CDA (Christian Democrats) 4 (-1)
GL (GreenLeft) 3 (+1)
FvD (far-right nationalists) 3 (+3)
D66 (liberals) 2 (-2)
CU-SGP (conservatives) 2 (-)
PVV (Wilders) 1 (-3)
SP (socialist party) 1 (-1)
PvdD (animal rights) 0 (-1)

De NPO schonk in debat Rutte-Baudet 2 minuten zendtijd aan extreem-rechtse antisemieten door zonder commentaar over de herkomst het propagandafilmpje te vertonen waarin migranten als verkrachters en moordenaars worden voorgesteld. Lees ons stuk over de herkomst van die video.

Just voted in the European #elections! Please remember to do the same (on the right day 🙂)

I exported all my #Fedilab datas, uninstalled the Google Play app, reinstalled from @fdroidorg, imported my datas back and in a second all my accounts were back and perfectly working! That's amazing!,

Thank you a lot @tom79 to force me to switch, I also replaced many of my proprietary apps with FOSS alternatives and I'm fully satisfied! And thanks to #Fdroid community for this great tool!

#FOSSispoetry #FOSSdoesitbetter

After a few years of running a Mastodon instance ( or two ( and bringing our own platform into the fediverse with ActivityPub support, earlier this month became a Mastodon sponsor.

As always, I'm excited to keep supporting the fediverse :fediverse: and watching it grow!

Anyone here using vcsh ( for config management/sync?

I need a tool like that, but am not sure about how to find something that's neither tedious to maintain (like manually copying/symlinking files) nor totally overkill.

Or is anyone using yadm ( and can share some experience?

We're hiring! We're currently looking for a 'Web Developer' to join the Mojeek team. Check out the link for more details.

@hiemstra tja. Dat was dus een prachtige vakbibliotheek. Ooit.

We shipped curl 7.65.0. Two security fixes, 119 bug-fixes by 50 contributors (24 new!) in 56 days.

I've been critical of elastic in the past for making basic security like TLS part of their paid Enterprise software. I'm happy to see them open up these security features now: #infosec

in the news:

"Born in 2010 and improved constantly, FreedomBox is now an indispensable tool for Universities, villages, private homes, and whoever wishes to keep the Net free and safe throughout the world."

Read the full article here:

@eightbitsamurai meanwhile my students are discovering (once they can be convinced to switch) that darktable and gimp are actually in some ways more powerful than photoshop and lightroom.

**Shell maakt wel winst, maar betaalt geen winstbelasting in Nederland**

"Shell betaalt geen winstbelasting in Nederland, terwijl het bedrijf wel degelijk flinke winst maakt. Over de 1,3 miljard euro winst die in 2017 op Nederlandse bodem werd verdiend met onder meer benzinestations en de raffinaderij werd geen cent winstbelasting betaald, met dan…"

#opinie #nieuws #bot

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