Mastodon: Your DMs can be read by the admin(s) on your specific instance.

Twitter: Your DMs can be read by the entire Twitter Corporation.


@tinker that is not true - and they might be safer with such a big corporation (with clearly defined policies for access and very knowledgeable devops) than with a random Mastodon admin (who may or may not be running all security updates every night). Sais this random admin :-)

@arjenpdevries - Fair. Flip side as well, folks can spin up their own instance and control at least half of the conversation.

@arjenpdevries Mastodon isn't a private messaging tool (there's no (auditable) end to end encryption) but you can't pretend it's "safer" to blindly trust a company run by surveillance marketing. It's not "safer" at all, it's defective by design.

Any big corps get hacked on regular basis… "knowledge devops" is not a valid argument. Especially when those companies practice mass surveillance for money.


@devnull @tinker well, I agree that surveillance capitalism is a flawed model. However - the large corporations in this mass surveillance economy will spend huge resources to keep their data to themselves. The model requires trust - which is fragile.

An analogy: Do you trust just anyone on the street with your money? No, you put it in the hands of a large corporation called a bank.

PS: I definitely think decentralized social media are the future!

@arjenpdevries @devnull - But my data is not insured (can’t be insured) the way my money is. Corporations are easily breached. My data easily accessed. If my money is stolen at a bank, I still keep it because the bank is insured. Not the same for my data.

@arjenpdevries The bank is supposed to give me my money back if they get hacked and someone steal my money because of it.

Marketing companies sell your data to anyone they want, and will give you nothing, even if they're breached.

It's not comparable at all.

Trust isn't an issue, most people blindly trust those companies and don't give a shit about their own privacy/the privacy of others. All they see is "$stuff is so convenient!". Look at facebook…


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