Looks like there are some unexpected knock-on effects from changes to how Chrome 69 handles URLs: bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/i

Aside from opening up impersonation attacks that didn’t exist before, it’s buggy too! www.example.www.example.com/ is displayed as example.example.com, which is… not accurate.

Another interesting, clearly wrong behaviour: the “m.” prefix is stripped along with “www.” There’s a weaker consensus that “m.example.com” is the same thing as “example.com”, and obtaining that subdomain on a given site is much easier.

For example, m.tumblr.com is a user’s blog. It’s NOT the mobile version of tumblr.com. But Chrome displays “m.tumblr.com” as “tumblr.com”, which could allow that blog’s owner to impersonate the main site.

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