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arkoudi @arkoudi

please someone send my apologies to the chairman of the European Council today I'm not going to work we have a beautiful weather in Athens I'm going to the beach.. tell him economic growth will be delayed a little further in Europe

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@arkoudi είσαι ο αρχηγός μας

@furfur είμαι με τους democrats δεν έχουμε αρχηγό πάμε μπουλούκι εμείς :)



@ansaloi follow me my fellow citizen of European Union

@arkoudi I will, my lovely and sexy friend.

@ansaloi @arkoudi I shall bring beers and mezedakia, ok?

@VioletaP bring also your Greek spirit and bouzouki and tzatzikos @arkoudi

@ansaloi no tzatziki we're having sex after the beers @VioletaP

@arkoudi there is only one problem guys. There is no patari on the beach.... @ansaloi

@VioletaP no worries.. i have a cunning plan @ansaloi

@arkoudi ahaaaaa tell me more, tell me more !!!!! @ansaloi

@VioletaP that's what i call a responsible European citizen .. thank you @ansaloi

@arkoudi always at your disposal my dear friend arkoudos @VioletaP

@ansaloi arkoudos is a very nice guy in twitter I'm arkoudi :) and i'm not that good @VioletaP