Got my copy of the brand new and it has the prettiest graphic design I think I've ever seen in an RPG. Also, the way it combines the index with a system glossary and reference is brilliant and I wish every game would do this.

Hugh Hewitt put together a list of who he thinks might run for the GOP nomination in 2024 and it is, to say the least, profoundly depressing. It also seems to be a list that, in almost every possibility, guarantees a Democratic victory.

My father in law likes to mail random stuff to my kids. This showed up today.

This is interesting, but I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. The graph shows Google searches for "meditation app." Steady upward growth for ten years, until March 2020, when COVID-19 hit the US hard, at which point searches fell of a cliff.

Just like the rest of us, it appears the president has been watching's election model.

In crazy times like these, it's important to remember the stuff that really matters. Like this guy defending the practicality of mecha.

Guess Gmail's instant unsubscribe option doesn't show up when the spammer is Google itself.

This new ad would be a lot better if the kerning weren't so off on the "1" in "190,000."

I was reminded today of this poem from one of my dad's favorite poets, and one he'd quote all the time when I was growing up, and reading it again during the pandemic's social distancing, it's very good.

I keep blocking Trump but YouTube keeps showing me his idiot ads. The next two months are going to be exhausting.

This is so amazing. The QAnon crazies have discovered the old classic Illuminati card game (or, rather, the slightly less old 90s CCG boom version of it) and are blown away by it.

Just wait until they find Delta Green.

Doing research for my book on Buddhism and political liberty, it's frustrating how often American Buddhists call for leftist economic policies not because Buddhist theory points in that direction, but because they're economically ignorant. For example, this from David R. Loy:

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