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It's remarkable how much early Buddhist dialogs often read like their roughly contemporary Socratic dialogs.

Obsessive fandom is weird. Loving the work of an artist is one thing. "Stanning" or identifying with an artist to the point where you're offended for them, or get mad at people who don't like them as much as you do, is strange, unhealthy, and embarrassing.

Biden thinks the filibuster is good because it can be used to "protect rights I care about," and implies it shouldn't be used to protect rights he doesn't care about. Except that rights should be protected whether the president cares about them or not.

This is one of the biggest differences between 2016's election and 2020's, and ones of the chief reasons Trump's in serious trouble. He doesn't have the benefit of running against an historically unpopular Democratic candidate.

Roger Ebert had the correct take on the Usual Suspects, which is the favorite twist ending movie of people who don't understand how to craft a twist ending.

Sometimes when you come up with your marketing hashtag, it turns out to be even more apt than you imagined.

Power move on Nike's part. Good for them. Now the NFL needs to force Snyder to sell the team.

The state of the country feels pretty grim right now, but at least these trend lines show one place America's moving in the right direction.

Betting markets are weird. For instance, they're currently showing a 5.5% chance of Trump winning in Oregon.

Amazing. This choke chain on Amazon has lots of 1 star reviews from people who don't know how a choke chain works and so are mad that it didn't arrive looped together like in the picture and that they had to use pliers to pry one of the rings open.

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary and it occurred to me that the tagline from is also a pretty good recipe for a long-lasting, happy marriage.

Why do all the Trump tell-all books have such terrible covers? This book'll sell enough copies you'd think Simon & Schuster could hire a graphic designer.

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