.@TCBurrus@twitter.com and I don't agree on much, but it turns out we do agree that Eddie Van Halen's guitar solos don't sound very good at all.

New at @MarketBuddhist@twitter.com, I wrote about how the Buddhist idea of the "two arrows of suffering" can explain why our political culture and debate feels so broken, and how we can take steps to make it better. freemarketbuddhist.com/newslet

This is silly. Biden defeated the leftist candidates in the primary, the Dems have a real opportunity to be in power for a while because the GOP set itself on fire, so the thing he "must" do is embrace unpopular leftist economics that will alienate voters. washingtonpost.com/opinions/20

My seven year old son's favorite movie is the music video for Tool's Sober, in case you were wondering how successful I am as a parent.

Limp is easily the best pop punk band of the 90s that nobody's heard of and I'm frustrated albums like "Pop & Disorderly" aren't recognized classics. And they were awesome live, too. open.spotify.com/album/4AwFm4T

The power keeps going off and maybe this is our October Surprise.

The thing about the new OLED TV I bought is that it really helps you appreciate the inky black of @Realeugenelevy@twitter.com's eyebrows.

If you do vote you have no right to complain, because willingly participating in the decision making process indicates acceptance of the outcome.

Something I've learned during remote schooling is that my 11 year old suffers from a relentless compulsion to practice her clarinet whenever anyone is in an online meeting or recording a podcast.

Something I don't understand about betting markets is how willing they are to give a relatively high percentage chance to zero possibility events. For example, right now they say there's a 5.5% chance that a Republican candidate wins the presidential vote in Massachusetts.

"Space Ghost Coast to Coast makes Hackers look like Fried Green Tomatoes" is something I just wrote in our @libertarianism@twitter.com podcast hosts chat room.

Every now and then I listen to Spotify's "New Punk Tracks" playlist just to see what punk rockers are up to today. And I have to say, as is the case with most genres of music, punk really peaked roughly when I was in high school and college and has been in decline ever since.

The new Bad Religion song sounds like what you'd get if you asked @OpenAI@twitter.com's music generator to make you a new Bad Religion song. open.spotify.com/track/0TilqqF

Got my copy of the brand new @CortexRPG@twitter.com and it has the prettiest graphic design I think I've ever seen in an RPG. Also, the way it combines the index with a system glossary and reference is brilliant and I wish every game would do this.

I took my daughters to get their flu shots. The nurse said they could get the nasal spray instead. My 11 year old was giddy and took the offer immediately. Her 7 year old sister tilted her head, shrugged, and told the nurse, "Just give me the shot."

There's a new, 30 minute documentary about the making of Tremors free on YouTube, and it's a lot of fun. Tremors is one of only a handful of perfect movies ever made. youtu.be/hpCSCQJEmnk

The Jets have to fire Adam Gase after this game, right?

Hugh Hewitt put together a list of who he thinks might run for the GOP nomination in 2024 and it is, to say the least, profoundly depressing. It also seems to be a list that, in almost every possibility, guarantees a Democratic victory. washingtonpost.com/opinions/20

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