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Maybe they finally decided having an unrepentant child abuser on the team doesn't fit the new image Washington's Football team is going for.

Don't ask me how I discovered this, but pizza industry news site Pizza Marketplace has a "Blockchain" category.

Every time my kids watch movies older than the last ten years, they gripe about how long the opening title sequences are. Thanks a lot, Marvel.

Outlook keeps highlighting text in my email with what it believes is a helpful hint that I should drop words like "probably" because, it tells me, "expressing uncertainty lessens your impact."

Except that expressing certainty when you are in fact uncertain is (probably) lying.

Today on, we're joined by to talk about criticisms of capitalism and markets.

Today on, we're joined by to talk about criticisms of capitalism and markets.

If Dems campaigned on replacing all formal attire shoes with Chucks, that would be a tremendous turn in the right direction for America.

I've started a newsletter about Buddhist libertarianism. Here's the first issue, discussing how I got into the topic and giving an overview of why I think Buddhist ethics ought to point us toward political libertarianism and free markets.

Trying to convince my daughter Bill and Ted were actually the first Doctor. So far she's not buying it.

If you ask Google Assistant "Are jellyfish non-Newtonian fluids?" it says it can't help you.

A dog who wants to eat everything plus children who are constitutionally incapable of picking up after themselves is an exhausting combination.

Batman v Superman isn’t a great movie, though it’s better than it’s often given credit for. But it does have the best score of any superhero movie since John Williams wrote the Superman theme.

Parenting is hard and frequently exhausting, but I just spent 30 minutes talking with my eleven years old daughter about Edgar Allan Poe, and it was totally wonderful.

Is the NASDAQ a bubble? It's crazy how much it's outpacing the rest of the market.

The weirdest Twitter trends are where all the tweets in the trend are people wondering why this thing is trending. It's the social media version of "Turtles all the way down."

I'm writing a book called "The Free Market Buddhist" about how taking Buddhist values seriously means embracing economic and political liberty. My research is uncovering lots of cool stuff beyond the book's scope, though, so I've started a newsletter, too.

I was reminded today of this poem from one of my dad's favorite poets, and one he'd quote all the time when I was growing up, and reading it again during the pandemic's social distancing, it's very good.

Most Buddhists aren't libertarians, but the Buddhist case for economic and political liberty is quite strong. So I'm writing a book about it. And I'm launching a newsletter about the intersection of Buddhism and libertarianism. Learn more and sign up here:

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