Will be retiring this account in favor of @arrdem@cybre.space just about as soon as I figure out how to do a reasonable cutover.

i'm working on a new web browser which is specially optimized for making outraged comments on the internet

it's called irefox

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Out here wasting all that down payment money on making breakfast

big day for Clojure drama 

the irony is that Rich's complaint about the community members who have given up on contributing is titled "open source isn't about you" and while he does some incredible Missing of the Point, the title is spot on. "open source" isn't about you; it's a movement to hijack the free software movement and turn it into something a company can profit from, riding on free software goodwill and stripping the political aspects that are hard to reconcile with shameless capitalism.

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big day for Clojure drama 

anyway writing Clojure is a decent way to make a living but it makes a lousy Cause.

Clojure is open source in the same way that Android is open source: because it happens to be a practical choice for the people who created it, not because it's trying to make the world a better place.

if you want that you'll need to look elsewhere, as @ehashman points out: toot.cat/@ehashman/10114101942

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clojure shitposting will continue until the dads feel bad

Okay. Feeling better but still definitely sick and jesus this weekend is gonna suck

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