Using a privacy by default cryptocurrency protects your funds and identity from people with bad intentions.

The first step to financial freedom is a fully shielded private-send cryptocurrency.

You cannot have adequate security without privacy.

Imagine someone knowing your bank account number, location, , name, address, date of birth and all your financial transactions.

Privacy means security.

Whilst Pirate Chain has not been around long, there has been multiple mentions in media about the project and it’s development.

We highlight the most important ones to date and why you should read them.

If you want to really be in charge of your finances choose Pirate Chain.

☠️ Untraceable
☠️ dPOW protection against 51% attacks
☠️ Highest grade cryptography
☠️ Privacy by default
☠️ Private messaging
☠️ Secure OS for invisible wallet usage

Our code is open source and for anyone to review and use. Check out our developers corner on Github.

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