The BPSAA is excited to officially announce it’s newest partner, Opolo.

Over time, Opolo (with the assistance of developers from the BPSAA) will be adding all of the members coins/tokens to the highly secure Opolo Cosmos hardware wallet.

Bitcoin 2.0

If you believe in Freedom, then you have to appreciate that it all starts from finance.

Pirate Chain gives you the freedom to transact anonymously retaining your sovereignty.

It's what Bitcoin was always supposed to be.

How do we aim to change the world?

Transaction by transaction.

Holding on to our anonymity. Defending our freedom.

It's convenient to see cryptocurrency just as a trading asset & forget the real reason that started all this.

To create a new fairer economic system to free us from horrors of the past.

The ARRRmada Ecommerce ecosystem, is a collection of free thinking traders & artists that accept the $ARRR cryptocurrency as a form of payment on their websites.

For a list of all the merchants and more visit

Jeff Berwick at Anarchapulco talking about Fleet Commander LooTz Von Privateman.

Bringing down the system, together...

Would requiring “Real names” or “Real ID’s” make the Internet a safer place? “The short answer is no,” says @evacide on the @Malwarebytes podcast. The long answer: "Hell no."

Optional Privacy is a scam. It gives the feeling of privacy, whilst it keeps users exposed to data leaks.

And those who advertise optional privacy as real privacy, are scammers.

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