TL;DR In Spain there is a conflict between those who think people must respect the law and those who think the law must respect the people

For users who use ripgrep: there is a quite wonderful "rg" package for Emacs.

M-x rg-dwim - greps in the current project for the symbol under the cursor

M-x rg - uses ripgrep, similar to M-x grep

My GUADEC 2017 presentation - Replacing C library code with Rust - what I learned with librsvg -

Also includes links to Luciana's drawings of Ferris the Rustacean!

Whenever some random guy stars/forks one of my repos on GitHub

It makes me so happy that @gnome will have its own Gitlab instance.

Check out this paper on cool things that can be done with Rust's static analysis:

"Static information flow control (IFC) enforces confidentiality by tracking the progress of sensitive data through a program."

let public_buffer = ...;
let secret_buffer = ...;
let both = public_buffer.append (secret_buffer);
println! (both); -> fails as it it would leak info

Librsvg's gradients are completely done in Rust now; only gradient fallbacks were done in Rust before.

6 files changed, 186 insertions(+), 497 deletions(-)

Definitely getting better at this refucktoring thing :-P

Why yes, you can make movies using only #freesoftware! @bkurdali explained how this past #LibrePlanet.
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