So my new SFW/"Professional" account is @art_codesmith. Please feel free to subscribe there!

Pondering something.

Is it against the rules to make a bot that boosts all your posts to another instance? Marked as a and such, of course.

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Don't forget that everybody is different! These toots are just suggestions - take the ones you think might help and leave the rest. Be kind to yourself.

Wow, I haven't practiced in a while and re-growing pains are kinda killing me.
Doesn't help that I tried to make something that's apparently impossible to do in safe Rust.

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Kontact, KDE's all-in-one solution for email, calendars, contacts, and notes, has launched a brand new website. Check it out at:

A silly idea.
I kinda wanna make a dataset from the wiki.
I think it could be neat...

The chocolate-and-mint flavoured tea might have been a mistake.

So apparently is still being updated and actively used!

Kudos to the RequireJS team for not falling due to hype and sticking to their guns! Modest and steady wins the race, it seems...

Kamen Rider henshin belt jingles are just so amazingly cheesy and addictive.

"Hagane no MOONSAULT! Rabbit/Tank!"

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Take a nice long shower or bath. Let the water loosen your muscles and your mind.

Okay, apparently I was thinking about something else when I mentioned transactional DDL? Still, DDL seems kinda broken in SQLite when working in JDBC...

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*After a long debugging session*

You know, maybe using a database without transactional DDL (or really, a good portion of the DDL) was kinda a poor move!..

Mmm~ Today was a good day. Worked on some stuff. Learning so much about working relational databases with it! Tomorrow: XML, probably.

Dry-Validation is a bit complicated but it's worth it in my book. No more weird attempts to parse a deeply nested hash manually.

After a couple more attempts... Yeah, I think and are the best free editors for and . Sure, you don't get schmancy font ligatures, but at least you have multiple options for autocompletion.

Apparently doesn't have sshd installed by default. Capital offense IMHO.

A weird thought.
If wizards in the Harry Potter universe had social media, Gilderoy Lockheart probably wouldn't have been able to build his career of lies.

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