Leading Swedish broadsheet @SvD uses today’s front page and two inside pages to highlight the current constitutional crisis between England and Scotland – our Nordic neighbour treats the crisis more seriously than the UK’s London-centric press. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇸🇪

‘Baltic Burns’ – 50km around NE corner of Sjaelland. Electric bike popularity in 🇩🇰 is helped due to existing infrastructure. Much of this mostly rural and coastal route was on cycle paths. Image 1: coastal road between Hornbaek-Elsinore, much of it with dedicated 🚴🏻 paths. Image 2: Elsinore council has created cycle paths on narrow stretches by merging a bit of the pavement and road. Image 3: ‘Wings Over Denmark’ on the window of Elsinore Station restaurant! Image 4: the route on Strava.

25.1.20 – “Officials draft indy white paper” and “FMQs hecklers have links to paramilitaries”. While the SNP have been talking up a ‘gold standard referendum’, the Unionist cranks have been organising. Who could these paramilitaries be colluding with?

Craig Murray comments: “A truly inspiring story.
“Julian is finally released from solitary in Belmarsh because the other prisoners in the prison were appalled by his treatment and took up action on his behalf.
A small victory for basic humanity - and it took criminals to teach it to the British state.” 7news.com.au/business/media/as

“Just before Scotland’s 2014 vote on independence, the UK government panicked it would lose and scrambled together a front-page “vow” to increase the power of the Scottish Parliament. That vow proved worthless...” prospectmagazine.co.uk/politic

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(Thread) Today is the 1-year anniversary of the ongoing US-led coup attempt to overthrow Venezuela's elected government and install an unelected right-wing regime led by Juan Guaidó

The following are some of our top reports on Venezuela over the past year

Appalling disrespect. Voting in #2014 means Scottish MPs can be mocked and jeered; the Scottish Parliament disrespected and blatant lies told by the UK PM without any consequence. “Boris Johnson spouting his usual crap to Ian Blackford and Scotland as per usual...” youtu.be/3CHfnjbE374

“Rockets galore in Edinburgh tomorrow.

Jackson Carlaw threatens to "take down Nicola Sturgeon.

Standing Up for Scotland on brexit day. On 1st February Scots will rally at Holyrood to assert their right to leave the Brexited UK.”

“The Westminster Government intends to bulldoze through the Brexit bill even though it will have been rejected by all three devolved administrations.
Westminster also intend to try and usurp the sovereignty of the Scottish people via section 38 of the Brexit bill.” youtu.be/B8_MvBaVxMY

Four years of uncertainty for EU citizens in Scotland – and Scots abroad. Action needed *now* from the : (i) move to revoke the political union with England and (ii) re-establish a unique foreign policy decided in Edinburgh (iii) restore Scotland’s historic international relations.

The thought police cometh? “The tech firm looks for people to police user content across several platforms as well as specialist AI and software engineers... Others would be part of its community integrity team, which builds the tools and technology the company uses to detect and remove harmful user content” – post-Brexit all EU protections will be gone.

Martin Luther King Jr was arrested 30 (THIRTY!) times and was a main target of the FBI's murderous Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO)

The FBI threatened MLK nonstop, recording his phone calls, spying on him, even trying to force him to kill himself

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