Moin!/Hi - Been away on a family bike ride. - Saw country roads, a village church built in the years up to 1230 A.D., a mobile apple press working on a lokal farmyard, some birds of prey, cattle on a bio certified farm and vast freshly ploughed fields. - Have a fine afternoon!

A lone soul picking up litter is a familar sight in Denmark. I return to Scotland and I get the impression littering nature is a national sport.

“It’s claimed that in other texts he said he wanted a Met probe into Mr Salmond as “the more fronts he is having to firefight the better for all complainers.”...”

Morning over Elsinore: St Olai steeple to the left, station and Kronborg in the middle and Swedish Ferry terminal to the right.

More from Iain Lawson: “In 1713 there was an attempt in the House of Lords to reverse the 1707 Act. The Jacobite rebellions of 1715, 1719 and 1745 all proposed a return to an independent kingdom. Recently there were the Referenda of 1979 and 2014...”

Great listen this. Interview with SNP and pro-indy veteran | Scottish Prism 11th Sept 2020 - Iain Lawson by @indyscotnews on

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