“The Act of Union was just four votes from being repealed in 1713, and I have shown how the 1715 Jacobite Rising and other thwarted uprisings were a direct consequence of the Union that James Stuart, or James VIII and III as he was recognised by Jacobites, promised to swiftly end if the Hanoverians could be expelled…”

“Alex Salmond's Alba pledge to step up ground campaign amid ‘BBC blackout’…”

“...the Bonnie Prince decided in September 1750 to visit the one place where he could possibly be incognito yet also intrigue for another Jacobite Rising – the vast city of London.” archive.today/Y6XIM

“He continued: “I don’t regard Section 30 as the gold standard. Section 30 is what we arrived at. It was the outcome of the negotiation to enable a vote on independence, if David Cameron had said ‘the game’s up, we’ll be like the Czech Republic and let’s go our separate ways’, I would have said ‘done’...”


“There are echoes across the generations – the new Union Unit and legislation to take powers and funding from Scotland’s Parliament are simply the modern-day equivalent of trying to change the border to ensure the oil wealth could not accrue to Scotland.” archive.ph/2021.04.21-060615/h

“He says voting for the SNP on the regional list is the “ultimate wasted vote” because of the Holyrood electoral system.

“Alba are not standing candidates in the constituency seats and have called for supporters to back the SNP in this section of the ballot on May 6.

“He said the main purpose of the SNP should be about realising this goal and not about forming government in a devolved nation.”


The actor added: "My desire for independence is not anti-anything. I feel we're a resource-rich country. It's about having a bit of belief in ourselves again. I want a neighbour, not a ruler." archive.today/1fxcp

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