“It’s fundamentally wrong that we should continually be asked to make the case and justify our support for something that is self-evident and an inalienable right...”

Like many, I'm intensely annoyed by adverts trying to persuade me to buy stuff I want when I have no money.

So why do @Thesnp and their "grass-roots professionals" think Yessers can endlessly sell independence without providing a referendum to buy it in.


@YesTVdotScot @Thesnp
I've voted SNP since early 90's & had not once given Independence a thought. It was a pipedream as far as i was concerned. That changed in 2012, now i was being asked my opinion.
Like most ppl then i read the papers & political pieces inc. bloggs, watched the news & current affairs & the debates. All to form my opinion on how i would vote.
The diff between now & then is there was a campaign & an end date. Today there is neither.

@YesTVdotScot @Thesnp
A campaign is so much more than soundbites & that is all that we are hearing today.

@arthurstramash I share the pain with Alec Ross. The momentum has to go somewhere or it will be lost for decades, and I, personally, can't wait for that. We need to be making positive steps in months, or better still, in weeks.

I tend to agree with Alec Ross, campaign fatigue is setting in, primarily because there is no campaign.
I don't know what it will take for the SNP to get the finger oot but they need to.
I've been pretty ambivalent about the talk of a Wings party but maybe they need that external pressure to crack on?
Even that might only work after Holyrood 2021 and only if Wings became significant enough to be required for coalition.

@Scotrodg @arthurstramash
The wings party idea won't work but there is one way to do it.

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