Free game idea: Factorio-like (i.e. you have to bootstrap your industrial base and technology level) but too much pollution will collapse the ecology, killing everyone.

This is exactly the happy end that I needed for this story.

Now, let's expropriate the damn thing and use it to run refugee rescue missions in the Mediterranean. >:3

Now I know how the guy in the Sistine chapel picture felt #Caturday

A package arrived and somecat clearly thinks it was sent to us so she could have the tissue paper to make her bed.

#cats #caturday #mastocats

For #Caturday, please enjoy this series titled "Licorice noticed that you stopped petting her tummy and would like you to come back".

please draw a very tired person or animal or fantasy creature for me! also boost this because it is very important that many tired persons or animals or fantasy creatures are drawn!

Sam Gilliam, African-American abstract painter, 1933-2022.

If you ever fly through DCA you can see one of his pieces over the arrivals area:

i feel like cartoons have mislead me about how effective the Power of Friendship actually is against evil

cat eye contact 

Happy Caturday / glad midsommar

Sadly, a screen that says DON'T PANIC in large friendly letters is not one of the sleep screen options #playdate

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Do you live in Cambridgeshire? : Wood Green looking for 'moggy midwives' to look after pregnant cats and their kittens in Cambridgeshire.

I am cleaning up my desktop and I found this drawing of Infinity Man riding a completely un-referenced version of the Forever People's techno-tricycle. It makes me giggle.

can't walk away from Omelas without breaking a few eggs

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