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Tripped into thinking about how self destructive I used to be today. Pills, smoking, etc.

Always let your friends, family and occasionally those you don't know at all, know that they matter. It helps.

Father ocean hear my song
You're the wave I was made from
Take me back to where we once begin
Ocean father I was wrong
Years I followed just the sun
Now I see your darkness holds the key
I close my eyes and I begin to see

Last nights fever dream: 

Last nights fever dream: 

You search in all the wrong places. You will not find Jesus in spaghetti, 

MFW I realized Ben Affleck was the annoying kid on the Voyage of the Mimi shows.

And now I'm remembering that time I sat down and watched every Star Trek episode From TNG through Enterprise. TNG episodes started off at 52 or 53 minutes longs, IIRC. DS9 eps we're about 48. Voyager got them down to 45, and I think ENT got them to sometimes 38 or 40. Fucker commercials.

I only watch cable TV when I'm in a hotel room. Last night, there was a preponderance of shows about wives finding out there husband's were cheating on them. Tried to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on AMC this morning, and there was literally commercial breaks every 5 or 10 minutes.

Best part of having a more culturally diverse office, pot lucks are amazing.

And I'm back to saying "Friends don't let friends buy Samsung"

I only had to spend an hour with the Galaxy Note 10+ to decide to return it to Samsung. They still do horrible things to Android. Back to the search for the replacement for my Pixel 2 XL.

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