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- well that was fun. now to wait for all the DLC to release and hope I remember to play it.

- Yep, this is another classic IGAvania. So good I've wasted the majority of the day playing it. Eyeballs hurt. This is why I stopped gaming at home.

Seeing that "Linux" is a reason to block people on Mastodon has me a bit down on the platform :/

Pretty much this.


@thegrugq: Email and information security. As long as users always grab the correct part of the handle, there is no problem. But if they ever make a mistake there’s a world of hurt. Our solutions have basically been: • handle training • more colors • a bit less sharp • wear a glove

@thegrugq: The bloody idiots can’t even remember not to grab the wrong bit, I mean... really. It’s just common sense! Just look at it! Why would anyone even do that? It’s like they want to get cut or something, IDK.

We did a night tour with Australian Nature Guides last night and saw heaps of glider possums. We even saw two Greater Gliders gliding (they don’t do that much because like koalas they feed on gum leaves and need to conserve energy) and many Yellow-belly gliders gliding (they are omnivorous).

Twas freezing outside but well worth it.

#AustralianWildlife #marsupial #glider #fauna

Oh my goodness, it's #FollowFriday 🥂

🔐 @privacyint Privacy International: Campaign group fighting to defend privacy

☎️ @Jami Jami: Easy-to-use free open alternative to Skype

🍭 @cloud Lollipop Cloud: Making it easier to self-host

:android: @gdroid G-Droid: Alternative app for accessing F-Droid

💾 @dosnostalgic Anatoly Shashkin: MS-DOS gaming nostalgia

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite released early. Played for about 10 minutes and uninstalled. Yet another daily energy/money grinder AR game. Uninstalled.

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