I guess I'm hellbanned on mastodon.social? 

Mods are ignoring me. I guess I'm not welcome on Mastodon.social anymore. No one will tell me why my posts are defaulting to "unlisted", when I set them to public by default.

Thanks for making me feel welcome, I guess.

"It'll just work itself out naturally."

Day 6 of . I'm going to grow a beard out. To make my goatee look really silly.

Night walk and selfie 

Finally took a moment to try out night mode on the Pixel 4XLcamera. Also got a in there, with my warm fuzzy tube bandana. Going to have to start doing this once or twice a day to stay sane for the next few weeks/months.

Looking through some backups. I present, the dumbest garage door I have ever seen. (Used to be a printing press, was probably somewhat useful in a previous life)

More - Just received this somewhat cheap Android TV stick (that runs regular Android, not Android TV). If all goes well, it will allow me to stop thrashing my phone battery at work while I listen to music 8+ hours a day.

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