Well, mas.to has been unfederated for over 24 hours now. That's... boring.

@neauoire Second thing you've post that makes me want to buy something!

Covid-19, Fuck Capitalism 

"Banks pressure health care firms to raise prices on critical drugs, medical supplies for coronavirus"

Capitalism is for-profit torture, slavery, genocide and murder. Always has been. Just a little more mask-off now.


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I guess I'm hellbanned on mastodon.social? 

@pizzacat Existing followers can, but I'm not allowed out onto the timeline anymore. I tried to ask Eugen a question yesterday about this, nothing. The mods haven't responded for hours, so I'm going to figure out where I'm going to move to. The OP got moved to 'unlisted'. It's happening from the website and from Fedilab, so that tells me it's something on my account.

Thanks for letting me know you can see it, though! I appreciate it.

I guess I'm hellbanned on mastodon.social? 

Mods are ignoring me. I guess I'm not welcome on Mastodon.social anymore. No one will tell me why my posts are defaulting to "unlisted", when I set them to public by default.

Thanks for making me feel welcome, I guess.

"It'll just work itself out naturally."

Today's top review: Amazon somehow combined a USB card and a personal tourniquet into the same listing, with reviews for both in different "colors". I read the first review and was like, holy smokes, what are they doing?


The World After This

"Our lives are being restricted by a virus that is invisible to the naked eye, verging on abstraction, and yet it is terrifyingly real. Compare this to all the ways our lives are restricted by the many brutal rules, payments, and punishments of capitalism, which are now being revealed as actual fabrications that were subject to quick, substantive change all along—in other words, fake as hell."


@fedilab@toot.fedilab.app I was curious about that. Is it pulling the link out of t.co and bit.ly links without visiting them?

@cm_kropot @LuigiEsq @citrustwee

Any idea of why my posts are going unlisted when I post them as public? OP was posted from Fedilab, made sure the post was public before submitting it. It didn't show up in the local or fedirated timeline, and this reply to it was marked unlisted originally. I've made it public from the web interface.

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@ischade Guess I'll be getting around to setting up my own instance sooner rather than later, I guess. Thanks for the help!

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