At and excited to help some folks contribute to !

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I certainly don't think everyone needs to be a programmer or anything like that, but it would be generally beneficial if people had a basic familiarity with the command line and could automate simple tasks without having to have a well-advertised GUI program or website (also a program in today's day and age) that does it.

Anyone have any experience using SSH on iPads? Is the experience OK? Are there any restrictions on key combos I can send?

So happy to be speaking again at this year! Come out and see me on November 7th!

Back from a quick weekend trip and have learned that I may be addicted to escape rooms. Did not one, but two in Denver. 60 minutes of solving puzzles? Yes please! (Beyond the Flower Shop)

So glad I got to spend the day with my brother at Movement in Denver!

I have friends going to Rocktoberfest and I can't wait to hear about how they fared on the "unscalable wall". 🤣🤣🤣

I'm fighting off a cold, playing Dragon Quest XI and loving the 2D mode. I swear I could play 16-bit JRPGs exclusively.

Hey y'all, want to learn to code but don't know anything about it? Come check out my class for complete beginners - tomorrow at All Hands Active!

Someone please stop me from buying and eating all the Halloween candy... 🍫🎃🍬💀🍭

Hey friends! In less than a week I'm teaching a programming class for complete beginners! Hope to see you there!

After reading the fallout from RMS' resignation, I am convinced now more than ever that the free software movement needs more diverse sensitive leadership. We've got the asshole angle covered, y'all.

Retro tech friends: we're screening a fun 30 minute documentary at! It's about BBS/Demoscene art! Come and check it out, tonight at 7pm!

Board of Commissioners WILL VOTE THIS THURSDAY on police use of facial recognition technology!!

We need as many voices as possible to attend the hearing and place your objections on the record.

I firmly believe it's time for the FSF to be helmed by someone new. The work they do is too important to be caught up in the controversy seems to surround RMS.

I may have just ordered the last 3 movies I was missing. While I think I'll keep it old school tonight, tomorrow is going to get interesting... 🔪

...and that's a wrap! Gotta get some sleep but I might have to watch part 2 later this weekend! Stay tuned!

Of course there's on last jump scare after the spry Mrs. Voorhees, uh, looses her head. It turns out Jason was in the lake all along... or was it a hallucination?

You really gotta wonder what Mrs. Voorhees did through the 60s and 70s to be in such great shape in 1980. It's gotta be a workout killing a bunch of teenagers!

I've always wondered what happened to Mr. Voorhees...

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