Hey @joebauer@twitter.com, I just learned about the Korg Volca Modular and it looks really cool! Do you think it would be a good entry to modular, or would you suggest something else?

I finally figured out how to describe what I do today: Code Therapist

Does this mean I can raise my rates?!

Reading with never fails to make me feel like a computing bad ass.

Spent the first part of the day at @thehenryford@twitter.com and found this exhibit that looks uncannily my current music and computing setup... 🤔

So happy I was able to spend the day with my Dad, the guy who made sure Star Trek was a big part of my life growing up!

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Ending my vacation in style: eating all manner of terrible but delicious food at a county fair! Possibly today's best decision.

I suppose it was totally predictable that my well researched question on r/homelab only recieved two types of responses:

- did you even Google that?
- just don't do that.

Thanks internet.

This is why I own 20 domains... 🙄
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Therapist: And what do we do when we feel like this?

Me: buy a domain name for the side project idea we've had for 15 seconds

Therapist: No

It's entirely possible I've taken this whole minimal keyboard thing too far... 🤔

Things I love about living in a university town: finding OS/360 manuals from 1970 at the library book sale!

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Okay, so maybe this is crazy, but now I'm buying books with the intention of just sending them to the internet archive. Someone tell me if this is a strange hobby.

I'm having trouble thinking of reasons to not buy this book on 1992 user interface design...

I'm taking a week off of most normal computing starting tomorrow and I'm gleefully looking forward to a week of BBSes, Emulated Floppy Drives, and computers that can only do one thing at a time!

I know I'm late to the party, but I'm reading Tillie Walden's "On a Sunbeam" and I think it might be the best thing ever. I thought I'd seen it all when it came to "space" stories, but this is something truly unique and beautiful.

Plus, fish ships!

I'm having my traditional first day of vacation which includes frantically trying to finish all the work I promised to do before I go on vacation... 🙄

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My new bot, @SecretlyPublicDomain, highlights pre-1964 books that entered the public domain because their copyright wasn't renewed.

Until May, it wasn't possible to find these books on a large scale. Now it is: crummy.com/2019/07/22/0

I'm currently repairing this lovely beast - it'll work again soon!

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