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📣 New min release 🎉

A minimalistic web with route grouping and middleware chaining


Breaking changes:
- Complete API rewrite

For this version, I decided to focus on orthogonality and composability. 👌🏽

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📣 New Hop release 🎉

An client wrapper that provides easy work queue semantics


- AMQP channel pooling
- Connection recovery

Breaking Changes:
- `NewQueue` is no longer public

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is homoiconicity when one is an icon of the queer community

Where's everybody hanging out on IRC these days?

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@arturovm What you need is a role model! How about Chuck Norris?


Also, according to the quiz, feminine roles usually include affinity to values like compassion, caring, and such, a.k.a. my Buddhist values. So... apparently practicing those values makes me somewhat less like men in western cultures.

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Took one of those gender quizzes and it turns out that, according to the quiz, in western cultures, I could be considered agender/non-binary.

Which kinda makes sense, since I've never fit the stereotypical masculine role, but also, I don't feel dysphoric or anything?

Like, I very much feel like A Guy™️ (though A Man™️ might be too strong for me).


Dang, tomorrow’s my family’s Christmas dinner and it’s a day of fasting for me 😲


The Suttas are so funny sometimes:

“Now if I […] were to be killed, that would be displeasing & disagreeable to me.” — SN 55:7


Anybody getting random freezes in both iOS 15.1 AND macOS 12.0.1? Been happening to me a lot lately. Like my old Windows PCs 😂

Took another step down in my antidepressant dose, to the lowest it's ever been since I started taking them.

Weird effect: I feel pins and needles, very literally, but I don't feel the emotion of anxiety.

Thought I’d bricked my Jabra headset after a failed update, with no way to flash new firmware, but went into the logs of the firmware update tool and figured out how to flash it manually 😎

Just having a moment feeling super 1337 😝

So I just heard back from the recruiter. My application was rejected, based on a technical test. It was one of those algorithm design tests, at which, with my poor CS skills, I didn't do well.

Guess I have two options: Either I study a lot more, or I try at other companies that don't have a "whiteboard" process like that. 🤔

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I applied to a position at a certain company that's WAAAY above my experience. The recruiter said they will place me according to my performance in the interview, so that's comforting, but I still have a feeling of being a total impostor. I never thought I'd make it this far 😂

Here’s a possibly controversial question, coming from my absolute naïveté: Are Lisps the current pinnacle of syntax in programming language design?

Also, I'm really questioning if I want to keep working in FinTech. I've been gradually moving towards companies that are more and more about the "Fin" aspect. Do I really want to work at a company that makes rich people richer? Do I really want to work in an ecosystem where it's literally all about the money? I really don't know 🤔

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Let's see, what's new with me 🤔

* I no longer work at Nubank (and I really miss Clojure)
* I fully "converted" to Buddhism
* Moved out into my own space

And I think that about sums it up XD

Should I get a planar lens for my Fuji?

Found the first legitimate (in my view) use-case for multiple inheritance in Python: Stating that a class conforms to multiple protocols. Protocols being abstract base classes with no default implementation.

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