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πŸ“£ New min release πŸŽ‰

A minimalistic web with route grouping and middleware chaining


- Added tests
- Added CI scripts and test coverage information

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πŸ“£ New Hop release πŸŽ‰

An client wrapper that provides easy work queue semantics


- AMQP channel pooling
- Connection recovery

Breaking Changes:
- `NewQueue` is no longer public

I heard my Swede coworker speak Swedish for the first time today and it is weird as heck. It kinda sounds like Spanish, except none of the words make sense.

I'd like to see more technical documentation where a high-level overview is provided before ramming straight into the details. You have to know where you're going before you start driving the car full-speed, you know?

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If anybody here uses the Hugo site generator, what's the best practice when creating a site from scratch with no pre-built theme? Do I make my own theme? Or do I just throw everything into my layouts?

What are you supposed to do when you find someone you know on Bumble/Tinder, and you actually do like them, but haven’t told them IRL? Like, what’s the etiquette here?

Friends with PhDs: is it plausible to get a PhD while working full-time? How do you address the whole, you know, not starving to death aspect?

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:bigclippy21:​:bigclippy22: :spacer: trying to be funny
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Would you like help?

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The JS scene: β€œRun WASM on ring 0”
Me: β€œnope”

my nanogenmo poetry book is done- terse poems embedded in dense fields of unicode characters- i'm happy with how it turned out.

the pdf is available here -->

From a non-anime-watcher’s perspective, otaku memes are the most cryptic shit ever.

In Mexico, a pre-requisite for graduating from uni is to do 400 hours of what we call β€œSocial Service.” You can choose anywhere you like to do the work, as long as it’s either a museum, a nonprofit organization, or a school. Most of the time, you get assigned menial administrative tasks (except for museums, those are really interesting).

Does this exist in other parts of the world, my dear international friends?

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My sister offered to paint my nails and I was completely ready to sit down for it, but then I remembered I have a job interview tomorrow, lol.

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