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0xDEAD β€” a.k.a. Marlon Rando βœ… @arturovm@mastodon.social

Maybe, whatever happens, this is an opportunity for growth.

hey what's that site that suggests items to get you up to free delivery on amazon

All I used to toot about was computers and music.

This account has become so personal in the past few days, lol.

I woke up and this reality is off by two degrees.

πŸ”˜ hydration
πŸ”˜ nutrition
πŸ”˜ sleep

Without these three things, nothing good can happen. We often talk about mental health, but our minds and bodies are connected. So please take care of yourself.

Well now I feel like πŸ’© I feel so used, and so sad, and so anxious. I wish this wasn’t happening πŸ˜”

Update: First she said she texted me because she thought of me, and that felt nice. Then I looked at her Twitter (against my better judgement, lol) and it turns out she just broke up with someone :( πŸ˜”πŸ˜©πŸ˜­

I guess I’m her emotional comfort.

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A lens I want has a huge discount but I’m saving for something else 😩

My ex just texted me and I could my palm sweat to water my plants right now.

What I want:

A social app that can rival Instagram in features and usability and accessibility, and silently be using federated standards in the background.
It should win people over by being easy and fun to use and giving meaningful ways to be online. The societal good from it being federated should be unimportant to new users.

Distributed systems are really fucking hard. Asynchronous distributed systems with unreliable messaging are just 🀯🀯🀯

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I really want some coffee, but I went to a karaoke bar last night (which I never would’ve expected of myself), so my hearing is temporarily messed and I read somewhere that a study correlated caffeine to the perpetuation of the damage.