@arturovm I think I'm an old person now. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. I have enjoyed using Masto and supporting it.
The open source world is amazing because if you want to change something you can. However, culturally in tech we seem to have this fascination with "the next big thing." I'm not judging Pleroma users. I just know I've been down plenty of "ooh shiny!" rabbit holes and ended up going back to the original services I was using.

@sikkdays @arturovm I would liken Mastodon and Pleroma to LibreOffice Writer and AbiWord, for example.

It's the same network, the same people, and the same messages. They're two different means to the same end.

I'm not writing this because I think anyone should try Pleroma, except that if you're going to host your own instance, Pleroma has less moving parts.

As an end user, I like having the Pleroma Front End as an option but it's not a big deal.

@arturovm I like the backend and half of the front end so I like 3/4 of Pleroma

@arturovm what's there not to like🙄🙄

🎯Is lightweight - check.
🎯Provides option to give mastodon type familiar front-end for easy transition - check
🎯Has an active community rooting for it- check.
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