When is it worth it to learn a new programming language?

@ksteimel what problem are you trying to solve?

I'm wanting to write a few rest servers to do implicatures given a dependency parse. I was going to use Julia because it's fast and I know it well.

However, this is squarely in go's wheelhouse.

Idk I guess it's not worth it since Julia is plenty fast, both are garbage collected and a long running server won't suffer from jit burn in.

Mostly I'm wondering about career wise though. In academia the programming language you use for research isn't relevant right?


@kai @ksteimel Go’s type system can certainly be wrangled into something close to your original theoretical data structures, but if you’re not concerned with practical considerations (like speed, ease of deployment, etc), I’d recommend using something else, like OCaml or Haskell.

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