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Just got myself a TiddlyWiki. It's amazing 👌🏽

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Is anyone following the bidoebames thing this year? Yesterday's was pretty boring, imo.

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Once again I want to plug my website for my video game
I hope to get a News page in the future to show updates, and maybe a newsletter subscription.

I plan to make it possible to receive news about the game or only receive news about releases (e.g. demos and final version), or both.
What do you think?
#GameDev #TheCursedOne #RPGmaker

‪Went Karting today 🏎🏁 It was ridiculously fun. It’s harder than playing Forza 😆‬

The company I work for just got covered in the Wall Street Journal. This is a first in my career, and I feel proud of our team.

I heard my Swede coworker speak Swedish for the first time today and it is weird as heck. It kinda sounds like Spanish, except none of the words make sense.

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I'm pretty sure we're not using OKRs right at work.

I'd like to see more technical documentation where a high-level overview is provided before ramming straight into the details. You have to know where you're going before you start driving the car full-speed, you know?

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tech shitpost 

The renowned computer scientist, John from Newman.

If anybody here uses the Hugo site generator, what's the best practice when creating a site from scratch with no pre-built theme? Do I make my own theme? Or do I just throw everything into my layouts?

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