@Deepsealioness There is no politician in India who talks more about Indian Constitution than Owaisi does. His every argument is based upon constitution.

Yesterday he showed his importance. He was probably the only one to call spade a spade. Thats why Muslims in Hyderabad strengthen his arms to raise voice in the parliament.
On the other hand, we know how modi asks for vote.

The injustices of the Narmada Valley, of the state authorities being allowed to perpetrate indiscriminate violence on Indians, have been repeated across the country: in the state-inflicted violence in Kashmir, in the arbitrary nature of Assam’s National Register of Citizens, in the attacks against minorities in Gujarat and Kandhamal, and in various development projects across India.

Modi may have released butterflies from his laundry bag but they are not flying free.


Since my friends haven’t reached this platform yet. I just want to say I hate all of them. So much.

You know how when you’re at some event and everything seems new and unfamiliar so you keep quiet. Ya Mastodon feels like that. Will be a while before I start blabbering on here.


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