Tips for MOVING from one Mastodon instance to another

In Settings, you can...

1. Export some of your data from your old account (if you want). This includes who you follow/block/mute. Note that you can't take your _followers_ with you, but they can definitely choose to follow your new account! (see 1st screenshot)

2. Set your old account to show that it's Moved to another account (your new account) (see 2nd screenshot)

3. Obviously: toot about your new account from your old account

You need neither PWA nor AMP to make your website load fast

Signed commits has been setup on Github. Looks fancy with the `verified` text next to all my commits! πŸ₯³

Probably the most important bit of trivia you new people would find useful is that you can use Mastodon from various apps!

Android, iOS, desktop, even alternative web clients that look differently!

Find an app here:

Asking too many permissions: Dark pattern, complexity, or sloppiness?

Asking for way more authorization permissions than needed can be considered a

Should one give away Twitter account control to simply upvote something on ProductHunt ? NO! Is there a for this?

To allow the benefit of the doubt, see this discussion:

PSA. PhonePe is offering Tez-like scratch card deal for making transactions.

Choosing a featured image for my blog posts is always the hardest part. Today, I have replaced all featured images on my blog with placeholder gradients. No more wasted effort in finding the best image! πŸ₯³

Never taking 10 hour layovers at the airports again.

TIL that Telegram has per-device menu settings for groups.

I’d tell you a Fibonacci joke, but it’s probably as bad as the last two you’ve heard combined.

Officially announcing Pterotype, a WordPress plugin that gives your blog an ActivityPub feed. Show more

Facebook being facebook Show more

heads up if you ever use gimp for redacting screenshots and the like Show more

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