" Accessibility should be considered from the start when designing and developing apps and websites." is a thing we hear often. It's true that that makes a lot of things a LOT easier. And yet, I see literally almost no popular app or service that takes it to heart. A shame.— Flo...

Congrats and thanks to everyone who helped ship 5.6, whether or not your name is on the credits page. John @whiskeydragon1 and I are looking forward to contributing to WordPress 5.7.

Read - Reading: The Associate (Amanda Jaffe Series Book 2) by Phillip Margolin ( )

Drank Egg nog with a double shot of captain morgan ( )

Drank Coffee with peppermint mocha creamer ( )

Read - Reading: The Fall Of Atlantis by Marion Zimmer Bradley ( )

Now that we have tested John’s set up, it’s only fair that I test mine.?

Drank Coffee with peppermint mocha creamer ( )

Testing Quill after a Micropub reset. I want to make sure it doesn’t try to post a photo post even though I’m attempting to post a note.
Also, I’m contemplating whether or not I should have a third cup of coffee. I usually don’t drink more than two cups but I’m thinking today should be ...

Read - Reading: Lessons in Tanya, Vol. 1: Likutei Amarim, Chs. 1-34 by Yosef Wineberg ( )

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