Watching Buffy season 3. The older I get, the more I hate Xander.

things. I don’t have the patience to ink wash (says the guy who spends weeks filling fields with fine lines)

"I am not a progressive. I think the idea of progress an invidious and generally harmful mistake. I am interested in change, which is an entirely different matter."

Due to popular demand, and the ever-increasing net to explain Mastodon to newbies as every instance is being bombarded with new users...

I've gone ahead and create a video tutorial that should help folks get to grips with all of this platform's particulars:

Intro to Mastodon 101

Special Thanks to:
@noelle @Gargron @MillennialDog @Rybark

Until I figure things out, here’s a look at some I will be exhibiting at this year. If you can make it to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the event, I’d much appreciate if you can check it out.

I suppose it's time for an . I'm here because, like many others, I'm dissatisfied with the Other Sites, and also the habits I've cultivated on them. Hoping this will shake up the way I connect with people on the internet, by self-creating a more thoughtful and focused experience. Saw other people do a Things I Like thing so:

Aaaand I just tooted. Making bad impressions already.

Hi Mastodon. Tooting is what we do here? Lucky for all of us, I’m full of beans. I’ve done a few animations for my all-time favorite band, They Might Be Giants. You can watch them here:

Been playing a lot of #NoMansSky - watching #FinalSpace and #StarTrek Next Gen... AND I LOVE SPACE. So I did a drawing! AND I TOOTED IT. #mastoart


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