I've noticed a correlation for me between feelings of self-loathing and dehydration. Probably one of those feedback loops from not taking care of myself.

I'm really happy that Midnites For Maniacs is still going strong in SF. Also it reminds me that I really should watch Blue Velvet soon!


Socialist Alternative brooklyn held a picket outside Mayor De Blasio's gym this saturday, to protest deportation of new yorkers and his continued cooperation with ICE. There are 170 (and growing!) crimes that NYPD uses as an excuse to hand people over to ICE. Instead of due process, immigrants accused of pretty much any crime in NYC face deportation.

So yeah. I'm glad we're interrupting the mayor's workout schedule to push for real sanctuary city policies.

I had my first beer floats this weekend. I think I like em, but my main takeaway is: don't splurge for the expensive chocolate stout - any ol' dark beer will probably stand up similarly to the mighty sweetness of ice cream.

Untold thousands of people will die because of this. Don't believe a fucking word from those who portray it as "saving" Syrian civilians.

as real bombs continue to murder real people for no good reason, let me say again: fuck war games. fuck games that normalize warfare, make it appealing, make it entertaining.

The place is called Alphaville in bushwick in case anyone who sees this is familiar with brooklyn.

I found out about a new (to me) punk venue in my area of brooklyn today. I've fallen out of the habit of going to concerts since the move, and I don't find myself with a lot of free evenings these days. I'm still excited to hear weird new local bands though!

I'm gonna start out my mastodon use by more or less cross-posting from *the other one* but hopefully with less missing punctuation or dumb abbreviations. Seriously I don't know what to do with all these characters!


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