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Social distancing is vital. But you can only do it if you are not in physical and emotional distress. If you are at the mercy of sarkari whims, you are in distress. If you are separated from your loved ones you are in distress.

Right. Now that I’m back here for good, expect a ton of pop culture content.

Blazing through Numbercaste by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne. Great novel to start off the new year with!

Building my reading list for 2020. Drop your book recommendations here, good people of Mastodon.

What's the German word for the moment when you realise where a story is going?

My magazine subscription for 2020 is definitely going to be Skeptic. After reading a few back issues, I think I'm going to get a digital subscription first and then move to print copies. Does anyone have some more back issues I can look at?

Just saw the parents off at the airport. Left them with a cheeky "Don't accept any sweets from strangers." I think they're going to disown me.

Just realised that I've been off the birdsite for a solid month now. And the only thing I miss is dog videos.

In other other news, I'll be working with Pratham Books in the new year. Super stoked to be reporting to work as kettle lady after 7-ish years! @bijal

In other news, haven't been tooting at all this week because @Onasaurus and my cat Izzy ran away from home last Friday. She now treats the house like a restaurant and comes by the building in the nighttime to eat the food we leave out for her. Why are cats like this.

Just started reading Exhalation by Ted Chiang after a brief book break. Read more books than I thought I would in 2019. I'm mildly shocked.

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Wait till they encounter one of your innocent loved ones because some aadhaar linked surveillance like cloned copies of fasttag or a cloned sim made them a suspect.

Someone please explain this job listing to me. This is for position of brand manager.

The greatest power, I've learnt, comes from being able to walk away from anything at any time.

Juliana Crain - wearing comfortable khakis in every universe.

Omg The Man In The High Castle season 4 is out! Goodbye rest of the weekend.

Need a place to sit and chat with a friend without having to spend money? Go to a laptop service centre, spend an hour or two pretending to wait, then tsk like you're irritated and leave.

Looks like audiobooks are my new way of staying calm in terrible traffic.

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