Boost for one of these:

- Bash the fash
- Throw a TERF into the sun
- Guillotine the bourgeois
- Hug an enby
- Pet a cat

Nobody has to know which one you chose

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@ashe no one has to know, but all of these. all of them.

@ashe would like to explicitly say i support all of these

@ashe Can't I boost for All of Them? (I'm boosting for All of Them)

@ashe you fool! this post will hurtle through the fediverse gaining momentum from reboosts until it punches through spacetime itself.


What if I want to do all of these?

Wait what's the fash?

@ashe I've boosted it for all five, but especially no. 5 β€” pet a cat β€” in honor of our late, great Minnie, who passed at the age of 19 a couple of weeks ago.

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