I'm on a 7 day Twitter vacation because I told a Nazi to eat my ass.

@asherlangton you were abusive to another member, you know people can have difference views than you and that's ok.

If you disagree you debate it out, what you need was turn into a child throwing his toys out of the pram because you didn't get your way.

Grow up.


@vorticalbox see the lightning bolts? That user is an Actual Nazi. He wants Jews exterminated. So no, this isn’t about “different views”.

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@asherlangton oh no I agree he is in the wrong but calling names won't change his mind about his world view.

All it does it allow him to label you a "jew lover" and stay in his echo chamber longer.

@vorticalbox @asherlangton trying to debate him, conversely, will prove the underlying thesis of his philosophy that anyone to his left are weak appeasers.

deconverting nazis is a process kind of like keeping venomous snakes. the little shits need to be defanged before you start trying to coexist with them.

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