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Water shortage 

This sounds absolutely apocalyptic. Chennai has around 4.6m people (megacity).

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Ukrainian oligarchs accused of laundering $470b, buying up much of Cleveland - I beg your pardon...?

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@asherwolf only another century until medicinal knowledge gets up to speed on half the population?
The arguments look reasonable, but no way for me to tell if they are supported.
I suspect like most things it will be more complicated than expected

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hello everyone

here is a very small, simple twine game i made a couple years ago and finally got around to throwing online. it is called planted and it is about being lonely and having a plant.

it does have some random messages and hidden values it keeps track of so i hope that makes it worth playing more than once

i hope you like it

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Fiona Patten MP’s comms team is doing it right

Paid the phone bill, volunteered, returned Kid’s library books. Next: pick up some school tops for the Kid, organise his school permission slips

Elderly Eastern European client at the place where I volunteer came over and yelled at me in a language I don’t speak about: not wearing warm enough clothing, volunteering while my shoulder is in a sling...and then went and got me a cup of soup from the soup kitchen. It was very lulzy and sweet

So the next six weeks I’ll be in a sling, not allowed to lift more than 5kg and banned from lifting my arm above my head. Interesting times

Showered. No more stinky. Tried to make my face look less exhausted with some cover up so I can go to my volunteer role at midday. I have a food delivery coming so I don’t have to go back to the supermarket again this week. Next task is to drink an adequate amount of water. Basics are hard atm.

“Researchers found that the increasing winds are cooling water on the bottom of the ocean, forcing it to travel faster, creating turbulance as it mixed with warmer waters above. Experts said the mechanism has not been factored into current models for predicting the impact of increasing global temperatures on our oceans, meaning forecasts should be altered.”

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And, of course, the original Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon is still here:

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I put together a quick guide to the moderation tools available to Mastodon moderators:

I figure it might be useful for new moderators or for people wondering what exactly a moderator can do.

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@asherwolf there is tulip trust in the Panama papers.
But I couldn't finda lead from there

Ok, I need a plan for today because sleep deprived and hurty:

* coffee
* shower
* pay the phone bill
* pay Kid’s camp fee
* do a short shift volunteering at the usual place

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