@sprsquish @bitbckt I've been working on a few dbs and their replication over the past couple days and I think I actually understand "make a change and watch the graphs" now.

So I'm getting back into Warframe. Just spent an hour fashion framing this...

@dijkstracula Hey apple boi, my mac's screen sometimes flashes on and off rapidly while connected to my monitor. Fix it.

This ad for a webcam showing someone stream Battleborn with chat taking up more than half the screen and their face taking up half of the remaining space is just... beautiful.

I had to take a picture of this license plate because I knew nobody would believe me

That was AWESOME! Thanks to Digitalism and August Hall for the awesome night of music!

Started new job today, was handed a MacBook. Was nice knowing you all.

I know people like to joke California is another country, but it's another thing to have a support rep tell you that California is "not within the United States".

I was wondering where the rest of the stuff was... It was in the big box! Inside was another copy of the game (not pictured), an art book, a strategy guide, a keychain, and a 3d printed robot.

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Just received the bulk of my backer rewards for the Overload kickstarter today! 1 signed PC copy, 1 normal PC copy, 1 OST on CD, and 2 shirts.

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