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one of the main reasons i know i can trust mastodon is because it comes in dark mode by default

Cleaned my house and felt so proud that I haven't even moved so as to not dirty it

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March felt like it lasted five years and how are we already halfway through April?!

I have switched my viewership completely to ad free and tracker free platforms and instead am now giving to my favourite creators via patreon

I (almost) did the thing that people say you should do where you wake up and read news/good stuff with your tea/coffee before switching to social media and it was good

(only thing to tackle now is the social media i consume while on my bed *before* i am up lel)

i am unable to get my ass to work. clients breathing down my neck and im just lying on the couch comatose. work from home is the best hell a sinner can ask for

i have so much work to do and i'm just rotting

i'm trying to find a browser that will completely pull me off chrome forever

till date firefox is doing more that most things i need from chrome ~except~ casting to my chromecast which sux cox now i've to find a chromium browser just for that capability ugh

dehydration, having forgotten my glasses at home, a brain tumour

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isn't it just fantastic when your head hurts and it could be any one of: migraine, lack of exercise, lack of nutrition, overeating, oversleeping, sleep-deprivation, or a deadly virus

What level of anxiety is it when you have 12+ hours of the weekend left but get into a confused panic about not getting anything done already

As much as I don’t care for Pete Davidson his crack at Ariana pondering how fast his career would be destroyed if he ‘spray painted himself brown and shit on my ex on the cover of Vogue magazine’ is…um, correct…

I think it would've been disingenuous for him to not talk about her and it felt like the correct amount of time to spend on her to sound scathing but funny and not too scared at the same time

I'm obsessed with this white woman from Brizzzbnnnn who has a podcast/vlog/COACHING coarse about beating perfectionism but every time I latch onto something she's saying I'm struck by an odd feeling you get when you see a cat teaching a dog to climb or something

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what will I have left if I chose to be the better person (compared to...the another person who is also me) and remove self-depreciation from my humour

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Starting with a tiny step to work on something you’ve been avoiding will make it easier to tackle.

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