really wish the show had a better hashtag than this smh

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Day 4 of thinking about and I have overcome my obsession with the lack of bathrooms in the show, and now wonder if Ulrich ever freaked his wardens out by singing songs word for word before they were released

I give absolutely no context to anything over here lol

maybe we don't yearn to join more and more sm platforms because we want to feel popular, maybe we sometimes yearn to escape the bubble that being in one place mentally forms around you

Globalisation is not the problem and stopping it won't be the solution to anything except promoting a rule of fear where a billion people don't know what the fuck is going on

saw an episode of the West Wing where the potus came back from meeting a female indian prime minister who gave him lots of chess sets that he was very excited about and, like, wanted to cry a little bit

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I support trans people of all gender and identity and sexual orientation

See, simple

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EPIC: #BlackLivesMattter/#GeorgeFloyd protestors chanting “move bitch, get out the way” to NYPD cops blocking them after curfew:

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one of the main reasons i know i can trust mastodon is because it comes in dark mode by default

Cleaned my house and felt so proud that I haven't even moved so as to not dirty it

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March felt like it lasted five years and how are we already halfway through April?!

I have switched my viewership completely to ad free and tracker free platforms and instead am now giving to my favourite creators via patreon

I (almost) did the thing that people say you should do where you wake up and read news/good stuff with your tea/coffee before switching to social media and it was good

(only thing to tackle now is the social media i consume while on my bed *before* i am up lel)

i am unable to get my ass to work. clients breathing down my neck and im just lying on the couch comatose. work from home is the best hell a sinner can ask for

i have so much work to do and i'm just rotting

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