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I'm obsessed with this white woman from Brizzzbnnnn who has a podcast/vlog/COACHING coarse about beating perfectionism but every time I latch onto something she's saying I'm struck by an odd feeling you get when you see a cat teaching a dog to climb or something

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what will I have left if I chose to be the better person (compared to...the another person who is also me) and remove self-depreciation from my humour

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Starting with a tiny step to work on something you’ve been avoiding will make it easier to tackle.

its funny because supporting actor is where the academy loves to put their token poc and this time its just labelled glasses of milk

tom hanks is supporting actor? who is he supporting? the neighbourhood?

It's been two days and i still don't know if Renee Zellweger applies or this

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Those having trouble with the "Free Kashmir" poster, please acknowledge that Kashmir is not free today and you'd rather hide from that truth. You are scared of extending the freedom that you enjoy daily to that state because you can't deal with the screams of pain that will come out when those voices are no longer muted.

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every awards season i try to leave the habit of judging the ladies' dresses but god...what do some of them thing they look did this happen...

if santa was real i would ask him to transfer my favourite bird site ppl here so i can remove myself and the time i waste there for good this year

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Its not a small thing to

1. put your life on hold for what could be weeks or months
2. keep going on without any guarantee that this will amount to anything
3. risk a lifelong addition to your criminal record and still not have it make a dent

even though the country is vast, these things must be thought of when talking about the

the people out there today have showed up despite all this

I spent three hours last night trying to beat google play solitaire in hard mode and even though I succeeded I am now in my office, just itching to go back to it so I can escape the inevitable doom of my to-do list

the thing about THE MORNING SHOW that keeps me from not coming back to watch the next one is kind of similar to the thing about SUCCESSION but not really — which everyone on S was an asshole, you felt like siding with a character just coz. TMS, however, is full of cowardly cunts, and there isn't a single person you feel like supporting. It's like watching a family full of criminals fight for custody.

i feel like the term 'perfectionist' is too complimentary for the perfectionists to really accept the grave burden it usually comes with

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bad morning to all you little fucken dweebs

🐘 trample me so I don't have to continue

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